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U14 TRAIN TO EXCEL – 2023/2024

To learn about the U14 Train to Excel Program, visit the Ringette BC Website, the U14 Train to Excel Program Guidelines and the U14 Train to Excel Program Updates Memo

If you want to learn more about the updates to the U14 Train to Excel program, please sign up for the information session below

The U14 Train to Excel program will offer an introductory pathway for athletes into High Performance ringette and the Excellence Ringette Program, and bridge the gap between U14 Zone, and Excellence Ringette and Team BC at U16.

The U14 Train to Excel Program will include the following key areas:

  1. The introduction to a daily training environment for athletes seeking access to a high-quality program; and

  2. Selection of both athletes and bench staff, training and management of two (2) U14Team BC rosters for the Western Canada Ringette Championships (WCRC) at the U14 division; and

  3. Opportunities for U14 Male athletes to participate in a male development program

Athletes within the program continue to participate on their local teams, either Club or Zone, providing them with their main competition and training environment. The WCRC teams for U14 be selected from interested athletes participating in the program. Program coaching staff will be selected to develop coaches alongside athletes. Athletes that are not selected to U14 Team BC, or those who choose to participate only in the virtual program, can continue to benefit from the U14 Train to Excel Program and the daily training environment including access to program training tools, sport medicine and other resources.

Athlete registration information will be distributed in August.

Coach Applications are now OPEN

Coaches in the U14 Train to Excel Program will be selected from interested coaches across BC.

Interested coaches should apply using the U14 Train to Excel Coach Application

  • Head Coaches will apply by July 31st

  • Assistant Coaches (4) will apply to express their interest by September 1st, and will be selected by the Program Head Coaches

  • Coaches in Training (2) will apply by September 1st, and will be selected by Ringette BC through a Coach Mentorship Program


  • Run the Virtual Component of the U14 Train to Excel Program collectively for the duration of the season

  • Attend and run assigned regional evaluation sessions

  • Evaluate athletes interested in Team BC

  • Attend and run the December Selection Camp

  • Oversee and run their assigned Team BC WCRC roster at scheduled events

Thank you!

Rebecca Tamil Selven


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