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RBC Committee Members Wanted

COVID-19 restrictions and work related to COVID-19 required Ringette BC to put any committee work on hold for the 2020/2021 season. Committee work is important and looking ahead to the next season and beyond, Ringette BC is seeking individuals from the ringette community to participate in following committees with Ringette BC starting in February and carrying through till at least December 2021. Ringette BC is seeking members to participate in the following committees:

  • Coaching Development Committee

  • Officiating Development Committee

  • Adult Ringette Task Force

The Coaching Development and Officiating Development Committees will be focused on reviewing and researching the impact that COVID-19 has had on the development of coaches and officials in BC. The committees will seek to identify gaps and recommend potential solutions to the address the gaps that have arisen in the wake of COVID-19. The Adult Ringette Task Force is a work group that is being formed to review the adult ringette competition structure in BC. COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the participation of adult ringette players in all parts of the province. Ringette BC is seeking adult ringette players to participate in this task force to assess the status and system in place for adult ringette participants. Ringette BC will be seeking adult ringette players that represent the many different individuals who participate in ringette in the adult divisions including, but not limited to, Masters Players, Open A and B players, and NRL athletes. Participants in the task force will also represent the diversity within the adult ringette divisions and the geography of the Province of BC. How to Apply: To participate in any of the committees listed above please submit the Ringette BC Committee Application form. Applications for committees are due by February 5, 2021 for consideration by Ringette BC. Applications for committees can be submitted after the deadline. Late applications may be consider in the event that there is an opening on a committee. Additional task forces and committees may be formed in the coming months. Any new groups will be added to the application form and a call out for members will be advertised via the Ringette BC website, social media channels and through email. The Terms of Reference for the Coaching Development, Officiating Development committees and the Adult Ringette Task Force can be found on the Ringette BC website. If you have any questions about the committees please do not hesitate to contact

Sincerely, Nicole Robb Executive Director Ringette BC Relevant links: Ringette BC Committee Application Form Terms of Reference

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