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Thank You to all the Membership!

I wanted to thank all of the members of our association for taking the time to dial into the webinar hosted Annual General Meeting that we held on Monday September 21, 2020

The webinar system report noted that we had 70+ people/families that were dialed into the meeting on Monday evening. That’s a great turnout and the interest in this season with all of the changes that have been made is tremendous. As was stated on the webinar we are at about 95% of our overall registration numbers compared to last season.

95% - Registration compared to last season!

All of our volunteers are working hard to ensure the safety of the Players, Coaches and all of the members of our association this year. So it is extremely important to have everyone follow the guidelines set out by the COVID-19 Safety Officers who are also volunteers taking on this important position.

We are still looking to get more volunteer coaches for some of the divisions as the numbers are increasing as we go through the month of September. If you have an interest in being more involved either at the rink or behind the scenes, contact our VP of Administration - Susan Doucette, she can help to find a team or something that needs more attention to ensure that all of the players have a fun year!

Sincerely, Steven Robb


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