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3 on 3 Ringette Classic

Delta Ringette is bringing back their 3 on 3 Ringette Classic!

3 on 3 is an exciting, fast-paced version of our favourite on-ice game, but with some unique “twists” that will keep you on your toes!

Here’s what you need to know: 2023 Tournament dates: Saturday, Aug 19 & Sunday, Aug 20 Location: Excellent Ice (15000 – 54A Avenue, Surrey, BC) Divisions: U12, U14 Club, U16 Club, U19 Club, 18+B, U14 Zone, U16 Zone, U19 Zone, 18+A

U12 & Club Divisions:

  • Players are expected to play for their home association. If a player does not have a team at their caliber to play for in their home association, they may submit a request to the tournament committee to be released to another Association’s team.

  • Players must play in the same, or higher division and caliber as they played during the 2022/2023 ringette season. No player may play more than one age division higher than the division they played for last season.

  • There is not limit to roster size, however only 9 skaters and 2 goalies may dress for any single game.

Zone & 18+ Divisions:

  • Athletes wanting to play in the Zone or 18+ division should register as individual players.

  • Teams will be drafted by the tournament committee & coaches.

  • Players may request up to 2 other players they wish to play with and every attempt will be made to accommodate those requests, while creating balanced teams.

  • Players may select which type of team they would like to play for:

    • U14 Zone: Female-Only Teams

    • U16 Zone : Female-Only Teams & U14-aged Male Teams

    • U19 Zone: Co-Ed Teams (up to 2 male players) & U16-aged Male Teams

    • 18: Co-Ed A & B Teams

Bench Staff Requirements:

  • Each team must have an NCCP trained or certified coach to supervise players.

    • U12 & U14 Club: Head Coach must be CSI Trained

    • U16 & U19 Club; Zone Divisions & 18+ Divisions: Head Coach must be CI Trained

  • All bench staff must be registered with their Association, have signed a Code of Conduct and have a current criminal record check on file with their home association.

  • Co-ed & Female-only teams must have a minimum of 1 screened female on the bench for every game.

  • Maximum of 3 bench staff permitted on the bench for any game.

Questions? Contact and we’ll be happy to help you!

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